Beginner's Guide Updated

The club's Beginner's Guide to KendoĢ„ has been updated.

Similar to the recent update to the Kata Study Guide, the theme of the update is for increased readability via computer screen. Due to the expense of colour printing and binding, viewing the guide as a PDF is by far the most common method people view it. So the efforts for the past few weeks have been to maximize the ease of viewing it in this way.

The changes made are:

(1) All fonts have been changed to ones for increased readability. (2) All colours used within the guide have been altered to comply with WCAG AA contrast standards. (3) Because of the font changes, this has led to some of the general formatting being changed. Specifically, the use of bold text is now minimal as it is no longer needed and italic text is much more easily noticed as well. (4) The glossary has been reformatted for increased readability. (5) The formatting of the PDF itself (as a digital download) is a one-sided document vs. making it two-sided, i.e., there are less blank pages that would normally be found in a two-sided document meant for printing and reading as a book. (6) Several entries in the glossary, as well as portions of the main text and image captions, have been reworded for clarity and some minor errors throughout have been corrected.

Due to the reformatting, rewording, and error correcting this is listed as a minor version change from 5th Ed. v.3, to 5th Ed. v.3.1.

You can download the guide for free on our website here.