Classes are located at Ecole Catholique Cathedrale Gymnasium, 301 Johnson Street. Please enter through the door on Barrie St. located just beside the small teacher's parking lot, not the large double doors nearest to Brock St. This door will be propped open prior to class. All other doors will be locked.

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Practice Schedule

The Kingston Kendo Club offers three classes per week. Beginners are welcome to participate in classes marked as "Beginner" or "Mixed", while more experienced students may (and are encouraged to) attend each of the "Beginner", "Mixed", and "Bogu" practices.

Class Types & Description

Bogu Class: Kendo practice while wearing the Bogu. Practice is centered around application of various fencing techniques and exercises. This is for experienced members only.

Mixed Class: Practice designed such that both bogu and non-bogu can practice together, usually in basics or kata. All members welcome.

Beginner Class: Practice which focuses on the core fundamentals of Kendo. All members welcome.

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