Membership Fees

All members must become a member of the CKF upon joining. Students are also asked to donate to the club's CKF dojo fee should they desire to do so.

Canadian Kendo Federation Fee

The Canadian Kendo Federation (CKF) fee is $50 per year for adults (>16 y/o) and $15 per year for juniors. This fee covers membership from January of the current year to January of the next. Membership with the CKF supports Kendo in Canada, allows members to attend CKF events such as seminars, tournaments, and to attend CKF gradings.

The CKF provides liability insurance to CKF registered dojos and its members, helping clubs keep their monthly membership fees low.

The CKF annual fees are paid online by each individual member. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that their fees are up to date. Your CKF standing will be confirmed online by our club CKF dojo administrator. To pay your CKF fee visit the CKF website and follow the procedure listed.

As of January, 2012, all members of the KKC are required to be in good standing with the CKF. Members will be refused the ability to participate in practices otherwise as they would not be covered under the CKF liability insurance required by the building in which we practice.

CKF Dojo Fee Contribution

The club itself must also register with the CKF at a cost of $125 per year. To help mitigate this cost, each member is asked to contribute $5 per year toward this fee. This can be donated at anytime you wish, if ever.

Club Membership Fee

This fee covers enrollment in the Kingston Kendo Club itself. Fees are paid on a quarterly basis (every three months) and are due at the beginning of each quarter.

The quarterly sessions are Jan.-Mar., Apr.-Jun., Jul-Sep., and Oct.-Dec. Members may pay for multiple quarters in advance if they so choose. If you join mid-session, then you will simply pay the fee for the remaining time in that quarter.

Standard Fee

The standard fee for KKC membership is $120 per quarter ($40/month). This applies to all community members who are non-students or non-military.

Student & Military Fee

The student & military fee for KKC membership is $105 per quarter ($35/month). This structure applies to community members with a valid student or military photo ID card. Military family members qualify for this rate.

We are a member of the Military Family Discount Program.

Start-up Fees

New members are required to pay their annual CKF fee, the club membership fees for the current quarter, and purchase a shinai. Other equipment such as a uniform, bokuto, and bogu are purchased when the student is ready to do so.

Start-up Fees at a Glance
CKF Membership (mandatory) YouthAdult
Club Membership (mandatory) StudentRegular
$105/3 mo.$120/3 mo.
Shinai (mandatory) Men'sWomen's
$30 and up, depending on quality, type, and materials
Bokuto (recommended) TachiKodachi
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