Equipment Requirements & Costs

Students at the KKC are required to purchase their own equipment for practices. There are no kendo retailers in Kingston so purchases are made through one of the many online equipment suppliers. To save on shipping costs the KKC will frequently co-ordinate group gear orders as well as keep a small stock of some items.

Shinai: Bamboo Sword

The shinai, bamboo practice sword, is the only piece of equipment required by beginners although a (tachi) bokuto is highly recommended. Shinai come in a wide range of quality, styles, and prices. A standard shinai will cost approximately $30 and up.

Beginners are required to purchase a shinai.

Bokuto: Wooden Sword

The bokuto is a wooden sword with the tachi being the longsword and the kodachi being the short sword. Beginners are encouraged to purchase a tachi for use in suburi, kata, and kihon bokuto waza practice. The kodachi is used by more experienced students for kata. Standard bokuto are approximately $15-$30 each.

Beginners are not required to purchase a bokuto, however it is strongly recommended they do so (tachi only).

Hakama & Gi: Uniform

The hakama (pants/split skirt) and the gi (jacket) are the traditional uniform worn during a kendo practice. Uniforms range in price depending on the quality, but usually range from approximately $50 - $150.

Beginners are not required to purchase a uniform. This is invested in when one is ready to "stick with" kendo. The uniform is mandatory before one may begin bogu practice.

Bogu: Fencing Armour

Before one can begin actual fencing, they must demonstrate a firm grasp on the basics. The KKC instructors will determine this based on progress through the basic striking drills practiced in class, but most will usually require 4-6 months of regular practice. Bogu will cost $300 and up depending on quality.

Beginners are not required to purchase bogu. Bogu is a privilege which must be earned through regular practice and cannot be used until instructors at the KKC have given permission to do so.

Start-up Fees

New members are required to pay their annual CKF fee, the club membership fees for the current quarter, and purchase a shinai. Other equipment such as a uniform, bokuto, and bogu are purchased when the student is ready to do so.

Start-up Fees at a Glance
CKF Membership (mandatory) YouthAdult
Club Membership (mandatory) StudentRegular
$105/3 mo.$120/3 mo.
Shinai (mandatory) Men'sWomen's
$40 and up, depending on quality, type, and materials
Bokuto (recommended) TachiKodachi
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